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DSI has been providing advanced electric power system training services, software products, and consulting/R&D services on a national and international scale since 1988. The current DSI concentration areas are short-term load forecasting, market simulation and foreasting, electric power market design, and renewable energy systems and with the corresponding training focus on system operators, market operators, and market designers. 

The Need for Accurate Forecasting is Greater than Ever

DSI Launches ARSPECTICA website

Just go to www.arspectica.com for a free trial demo. Quest users can access the ARSPECTICA portal to view live forecasts of all of PJM's zones. Just click on the button "see it in action!" ARSPECTICA is designed to provide accurate load forecasts with less than 2% MAPE (Mean Absolute Percent Error) for 2-days ahead forecasts. click here for more details.  Gain significant short-term forecasting improvements for the next 1-168 hours:

MW Demands

  • Single trading zones,

  • Load serving entities.

  • Large zones with multiple weather regimes.

 Price forecast

  •  Major trading hubs

  • Locational/nodal service areas

 Wind farm production forecasts

  • MW production forecasts for next several hours at 5-10 minute intervals.

 For more information you are invited to contact Dr. Debs directly at: adebs@dsipower.com

DSI Announces 2013 Training Program

Nine Timely Courses and an Industry Conference

DSI and Apex, Dubai (www.apex-dubai.com) are glad to announce the following jointly conducted courses featuring international instructors from the USA, Europe and the Middle East:

  1. EE-05: Energy Demand Forecasting and Load Management (Al-Khobar, January 26-30, 2013)
  2. EE-09: Interconnected Power System Reliability and Coordination (Dubai, February 17-21, 2013)
  3. EE-15: Load Dispatch Center Applications and Hands-On Experiences (Jeddah, April 13-17, 2013)
  4. EE-16: Understanding Voltage Stability and Power Transmission Capability (Abu Dhabi, April 21-25, 2013)
  5. EE-17: Strategic Planning for Power System Restoration during Emergency and Blackouts (Sohar, Oman, May 25-29, 2013)
  6. EE-22: SCADA/EMS for Power System Dispatch Center (Abu Dhabi, June 9-13, 2013)
  7. EE-24: Electric Utility Communications Applications & Smart Grid Technologies (Manama, Bahrain, August 25-29, 2013)
  8. EE-32: Energy Management & Optimization for Central Load Dispatch System (Doha, Qatar, Nov. 3-7, 2013)
  9. EE-39: Electric System Restoration, Methodologies and Implementation Strategies (Dubai, Dec. 15-19, 2013)

In addition, the two organizations will be conducting a timely industry conference in the fall of 2013, "Roadmap for Regional Electricity Market in the Middle East and Africa." It will feature some top industry leaders from the Middle East, US and Europe.

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DSI Power & Industry News

Thursday, January 17, 2008
DSI with the sponsorship of APEX, Dubai, conducted its well-established "Challenge to System Operations Under Stress: Modules A and B" in Dubai during the period December 2-9, 2007. The courses were attended by control center staff from Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Sharja and Jordan. Already we started receiving reports that the training they received has helped in guiding their dispatchers in some critical operational problems. There was almost unanimous request that the follow-up series (Module C) be announced as soon as possible.
Thursday, January 17, 2008
DSI announces hands on training program for emergency operations "Train the Trainer": Module C: Development and Evaluation of Stress Scenarios for Emergency and Restoration.
Thursday, January 17, 2008
DSI announces its full service for short-term load forecasting based on the EPRI ANNSTLF (Atificial Neural Networks Short-Term Load Forecasting). This proven technology that is used with major utilities like PJM, Southern Company, ISO-New England, ONS (Brazil), ELIA (Belgium) and at least 35 other utilities is now available via a powerful web-based system developed by DSI under EPRI sposorship. For details send e-mail to info@dsipower.com

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The Structuring of Deregulation!

The current economic crisis has given "deregulation" a bad score and the government is now working hard to "regulate." The banking industry is being partially nationalized to avoid the suspected collapse of our financial system. Amazingly, this is happening just over 10 years after major parts of the US introduced deregulation and restructuring in electricity markets on a large scale. This experience in the power industry had major ups, downs and setbacks, but thanks to cool heads and the availability of good options the clock was not rolled back to the full regulation days.

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