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Core Services with a Flexible Organizational Structure

  • DSI Consulting, Research & Development Services 
  • DSI Software Services and Products
  • DSI Advanced Training Courses, Workshops, and Conferences
  • DSI System Integration Service

Every DSI Project is a Learning Process for the Customer

Our experience has consistently demonstrated that the implementation of advanced information systems and technologies cuts across many corporate institutional barriers. A learning process approach has proven to us that such barriers can be overcome to transform the customer’s organization into a truly learning one. Typical steps in approaching a project by DSI involves:

  1. Starting with high-level workshops at customer site
  2. Continuing with customer training at DSI and customer sites
  3. Involving customers in development of needs and requirements
  4. Involving customer in periodic reviews and improvements
  5. Involving customer in technical and informational visits
  6. Establishing a follow-up mechanism after project completion

Flexible Organization Based on a Core with Strategic Alliances:


DSI Main Organization

Dr. Atif Debs, President, and Founder of DSI

Dr. Debs earned his B.S., M.S. and Ph. D. Degrees at MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. His illustrious career involved an early involvement in industry (Systems Control, Inc., California) whereby he developed some of the earliest advanced control center applications software, and then a 22 year academic appointment at GeorgiaInstitute of Technology, Atlanta,Georgia whereby he introduced and developed its renowned Electric Power Program at the graduate and undergraduate levels. During his academic tenure, he was seconded for a 4-year appointment as Director, Engineering Division at the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, whereby he led major programs in electric power, solar energy and energy conservation.

Since 1994, he has been working as President, Decision Systems International. In recent years he has been heavily involved in developing power system simulation software for operator training, forecasting, operations and planning with a focus on the emerging electricity markets and sustainable energy development.


Eng. Vladimir Calovic--Senior Managing Consultant

Eng. Vladimir Calovic obtained his MSEE( 1990) at the University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, and prior to that he obtained  BSEE in 1985 at the same university. Since his graduation, he moved to Zug, Switzerland where he led major control center projects at Landys & Gyr company. After the sale of Landys & Gyr he moved to the consulting field whereby he was Project Director of consulting projects for more than 10 years.  Prior to managing projects, Vladimir has been Project Development Director and EMS/DMS/SCADA system supply Project Manager for an international EMS/DMS/SCADA supplier.


Eng. Eric Davidson--Senior Consultant

Eng. Eric Davidson earned his BSc (Eng) from Aberdeen University in 1966 and is a Chartered Engineer. He has 47 years of experience in the Electricity Supply Industry, working both with utilities and as a consultant. His utility experience includes both technical and operational and he has served as Chairman fof the British Grid Systems Committee. He has experience of generation, transmission, and distribution and in particular, experience in system operation. As a Consultant, he has supported Utilities and regulators and for two years was project manager of the TSO Comparison Group. He has actively participated in power system unbundling and restructuring.


Eng. Francis Van Dijck--Senior Consultant

With a B.Sc. EE Degree earned at the Higher Institute for Nuclear Energy Industry at Mol, Belgium, Eng. Francis Van Dijck has actively managed and materially participated in the design and deployment of SCADA, EMS, DMS, Operations Management Systems.  He is experienced with the operational aspects of electrical network control systems.  Mr. Van Dijck is an IT expert and proficient with enterprise architectures, modeling techniques, and project management.

Eng. Bozidar Radovic--Senior Consultant


Eng. BozidarRadovic is Senior Consultant with BSc in Power Electrical Engineering at University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia. He has 30 years of experience in power system control and operations, as well as transmission network development, planning and maintenance. He has significant experience in setting up control centres, education and training of operators and other control center staff. He participated in numerous projects related to the design and implementation of SCADA/EMS software for power systems monitoring and control, and other IT platforms for support and facilitation of electricity market operations. Important are references concerning development of the national Grid Codes for T&D networks, including development and revision of the European technical codes, as well as works related to the connection and integration of the renewable energy sources into electrical grids.


Eng. Robert McVean--Senior Consultant

Bob McVean is Senior Consultant and Chartered Electrical Engineer with B. Sc. Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, and M BA from the same university. He has worked both with utilities and as a consultant and has a firm understanding of the security/safety issues related to power system operations.  More recently he has focused on utility deregulation and the development of small-scale generation from renewable energy sources embedded in distribution networks.

DSI  Alliances

DSI has established critical strategic alliances with various organizations and experts to meet the flexibility requirements stated above. The following table illustrates some of these alliances –

Alliance Category


Examples of Alliance Activities

Consulting, Research & Development


International Conferences & Exhibitions


Energy Policy. Power Markets. Renewables

Software Product Allies


Development and or servicing of: Operator Training Simulator (OTS), Artificial Neural Networks Short Term Load Forecasting (ANNSTLF)

National Science Foundation  (NSF)

Sponsorship of the development of Short-Term Electricity Market Simulator (STEMS)

Training Allies

APEX, Dubai 

Joint offering of DSI continuing education classes in the Middle East and Europe

Individual experts

Lecturers in DSI courses (Over 60 such experts have participated in DSI training programs)








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