About DSI Power Training:

Was started in 1988 to meet the professional and continuing education needs of the US, and international electric utilities, vendors, universities, consultants and governmental bodies in areas related to power system operation, planning, restructuring and now, market design and operations. The three main components of DSI Power Education are:

  1. Electric Power Program Series (EPPS)
  2. Conferences and Exhibitions (C&E)
  3. In-House Educational Program (IHEP)

Since its inception, DSI Power Education program has trained over 2000 professionals in over 40 countries and about 400 electric utilities and companies.

EPPS: Electric Power Program Series

  • EPPS consists of short course offerings of timely and cutting-edge topics taught by world-class specialists from the US and abroad.
  • Major topical EPPS areas are:
    • Control centers for transmission, distribution and generation companies
    • Power system control and operation under restructuring
    • Market design and transitional issues
    • Software and hardware technologies for implementing effective systems
    • Modern power system protection and high-speed control
    • Short, medium and long-term forecasting
    • Investment and trading in electric utilities
    • Reliability of power systems in the new environment
    • Operator training using the Operator Training simulator

C & E: Conferences and Exhibitions

  • The C&E program has focused so far on contracted and/or joint efforts to combine a strong technical component with an exhibition of relevant technologies,
  • A key component of the C&E program is the bi-annual EPRI program. Following is a list of the past activities in this area:
    • The First EPRI European Workshop and Exhibition on Power System Operation Planning Tools – Amsterdam, The Netherlands, November 1995
    • The First EPRI Asia-Pacific Conference on Operation and Planning Issues in the Emerging Electric Utility Environment – Kuala Lumpur, November 1997
    • The Second EPRI European Conference: Enabling Technologies and Systems for the Business-Driven Electric Utility Industry – Vienna, Austria, November 1999
    • The First EPRI Latin American Conference & Exhibition: Toward a Mature Electricity Market Through Technology, R&D, and Business Vision – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – November 2001.

Click here for information on the recent Rio Conference.

IHEP: In-House Educational Program

IHEP addresses the needs of large organizations to bring their own staff up-to-date on the latest developments or to reach their client base in an atmosphere of in-depth tutorials and discussions.  The table below illustrate provides a sample of these two types of IHEP services. 


IN-house Course/Workshop Title

Corporate Sponsor


Two Coordinated Workshops on Dynamic Security Assessment and Voltage Security Assessment


San Francisco, California

Gerry Cauley – EPRI Program Manager plus numerous speakers

On-Line Transient Stability Assessment Using the Transient Energy Function Method


Toronto, Canada

Gerry Cauley, Atif Debs, Anjan Bose, Vladimir Branwajn, Gabriel Ejebe, Guillermo Irisari, Jong Kim, Ranjit Kumar

The 1996 European Workshop on Operator Training Simulator Applications for Restoration & Competitive Markets


Dublin, Ireland


Kieran O’Brien, David Becker, Hugh Jones, John Kennedy, Vladimir Calovic, Bert Van Vuurde, Atif Debs, Charles Hansen, Sarah Lutterodt, Robin Podmore, Diter Rumpel, Paul van Son, Marie Hayden, John Grundy, Angel Mahou

Special Program on Power System Control and Operation for EDELCA


Caracas, Venezuela

Tomas DyLiacco, Atif Debs, Nils Flatabo, Pradeep Gupta, Mania Pavela, and others

Advanced Automated Load Forecasting and Applications of Expert Systems to Power Systems (2 courses/workshops)


Rome, Italy

Tomas DyLiacco, Atif Debs, Mohammad El-Sharkawi, Pradeep Gupta and Chin-Chin Liu

SCADA/EMS Control Center Design and Specification

Empresas Publicas de Medain


Tomas DyLiacco, Atif Debs, and Charles Hansen

Modern Power System Planning

Saudi Consolidated Electricity Company for the Western Region (SCECO-West)

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Atif Debs

SCADA/EMS and SCADA/DMS Control Center Design and Specification

CAE Electronics (Montreal, Canada)

Valmet Automation (Houston, Texas)

GE-Harris (Melbourne, Florida)

Atif Debs, Charles Hansen, and Linda Finley

Course and Workshop on Distribution Management Systems and Distribution Automation

East Midland Electricity

Nottingham, UK

Atif Debs and Linda Finley

South African Grid Control and Operation Under Restructuring


Atif Debs, Robin Podmore, Charles Hasnen, and Glenn Weis


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