Dispatcher Training       

All power system dispatcher training classes are aimed at allowing system dispatchers and/or operators to gain needed knowledge and confidence in understanding all the needed applications in the energy management system, i.e. SCADA/EMS. The “Generic EPRI OTS” (Operator Training Simulator) is used in many of the exercises, the user is encouraged to request a copy the Generic EPRI OTS 2.0.0 executable program by sending a request via info@dsippower.com.  Currently, most of our dispatcher training courses are offered through APEX, Dubai.

If interested in any of the following courses to be conducted publically or in-house, please send your request to info@dsipower.com:

  1. Challenges to Emergency Operations Under Stress
    1. (Module A): Emergency Operations in the Secure & Alert States
    2. (Module B): System Restoration Under Stress
    3. (Module C): Development & Testing Stress Scenarios
  2. Electrical System Restoration: Methodologies & Implementation Strategies
  3. Load Dispatch Applications with Hands-On Exercises
  4. Economic Dispatch and Grid Stability Constraints in Power Systems
  5. Power System Operation, Monitoring, and Control
  6. SCADA/EMS for Power System Dispatch Center 


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